Slither Test – Escola

Jogo parecido com slither io apenas para fins educacionais.O ponteiro do mouse & [...]


Destruye al hombre calabaza, aunque el no te pueda golpear tu a el simovimiento [...]


En este juego podrás experimentar los principios de caída libre y velo [...]

Goodbye my Fellows

Eres el único que no se va a poder graduar, así que tu misión es [...]

Hungry Zombies

Your clients are very hungry, feed them earlier than they eat you.Use faucet or [...]

Cursor Magic

You should buy this asset right hereI guess this feels superb, simply strive it [...]


Your character is the triangle head with the oblong physique. Your aim is to reg [...]

Darks Souls but it”s a Terrible ..

Monsters, Arrows, Fireballs, Bosses. Your job is to outlive while this stuff att [...]

Dark Souls but it”s a Terrible ..

Monsters, Arrows, Fireballs, Bosses. All the things is designed to kill you, (as [...]


uma versão brasileira do FlappyBird chamada FlappyBird.EXEclique do mouse:f [...]

Ninja Run

Only a game made out of a web based tutorial.Area JumpX Glide (solely in-air)Z S [...]

Ouija Voices

That is an Ouija board, use your voice to ask questions and creatures from diffe [...]

Bubble pop madness

You pop the bubbles!Its that straightforward!Have EnjoyableClick on To Pop The B [...]

First Project

Dodge Asroids!Dont get hit becouse otherwize it's a must to refresh the web page [...]

First Game – Dodge Asteroids

On this game, you could survive so long as you possibly can by dodging asteroids [...]

Mobile-Friendly 2D Field of View ..

I'll construct this in SDL or SFML in just a few weeks. <><>< [...]

2D Field of View Prototype

I'll construct this in SDL or SFML in a couple of weeks. <><>&l [...]

War of the Consoles

To finish the ranges and gathering characters and cash whereas avoiding enemiesa [...]

Sandstone Children+

Use WASD or the arrow keys to maneuver round and gather cash in order that Mr. S [...]

Bunny Jumper [Pixelized]

Hop from platform to platform accumulating cash for Mr. Bunny within the quickes [...]

Bunny Jumper [Smooth]

Hop from platform to platform accumulating cash within the quickest time attaina [...]

Rhovain Run

Run via the dragons lair, amassing gems as you go, and into Rhovain Woods to suc [...]

burguer tower

empilhe o maior numero de hamburgueres possivel , se cairem você perdeuse a [...]


sobreviva o maximo que puder contra as outras setasuse as setas para mover a sua [...]


proteja o planeta dos miceis que estão vindo em sua direçãouse o [...]

Only jump

acho que não preciso explicar . APENAS PULEsetas para mover se mantenha na [...]

box explose

exploda todas as caixas que caírem do cenario.setas para mover z para ataca [...]


arraste as peças com o mouse para o quadroarraste as peças com o mouse [...]


Jeu Francais, 1 er Jeu fais par l'équipe LIP (ce jeu a était fais [...]

Atom Hunter

Você descobriu que possuindo átomos sobreviverá a um ataque alien [...]

Takis Timer

This isn't truly a game. It's a 5 minute timer of a pupil consuming Ta [...]

Pong Pong – Scirra Store

Demo for the Pong Pong - obtainable on the Asset StoreMaintain Left click on and [...]

Emoji Run

Parkour the pondering emoji throughout the degrees to the portal, whereas avoidi [...]

crazy killer pigeons

that is an okay game it fairly okaystrive win strive win strive win strive win s [...]

Surfs Up

Run alongside the Tremendous Radical Surfboards in the direction of the portals [...]

Mr Pigeon

Assist Mr Pigeon get again to his nest!Up Arrow: UpRight Arrow: RightLeft Arrow: [...]

Agario Clone

A clone of Agario. It's fairly epic when you like that.Use the arrow keys t [...]

Fast Fingers

Fast Fingers is a Informal Game for all gamersControls >>> Drag and Dro [...]


My first not terrible game. Nonetheless not too good, however not the worst.Okay [...]

The Big Apple

It's raining apples, and also you higher catch them earlier than the large [...]


Não joguem o seu computador na parede!aperte espaço para pular........ [...]

Flippin” Out

- This game was submitted for GMTKgame(jam); 2018 and was made in 48 hours. Play [...]

Byte Simulator

This isn't a game a lot as a simulation - it reveals you ways eight on-and- [...]

Ashley”s Dressup

Change colours and kinds to create a trendy character! This game is my first eve [...]

Platformer TAG

Game Made With Assemble 2. The developer is new to the software program, so is p [...]

The Most Silly Game Ever

Don't Play, Belief Me! Don't Play, Belief Me! Don't Play, Belief [...]

Stapurio”s THE GAME v2

That's my first game. It's in portuguese. Thanks.use arrows to maneuve [...]

Pointless White Dot

A game a few pointless white dot. Threw it collectively inside 2 days, and I hop [...]

Tomato man

get previous the damaging objects and make it to the crimson pipe to flee to the [...]