My first not terrible game. Nonetheless not too good, however not the worst.Okay [...]

The Big Apple

It's raining apples, and also you higher catch them earlier than the large [...]


Não joguem o seu computador na parede!aperte espaço para pular........ [...]

Flippin” Out

- This game was submitted for GMTKgame(jam); 2018 and was made in 48 hours. Play [...]

Byte Simulator

This isn't a game a lot as a simulation - it reveals you ways eight on-and- [...]

Ashley”s Dressup

Change colours and kinds to create a trendy character! This game is my first eve [...]

Platformer TAG

Game Made With Assemble 2. The developer is new to the software program, so is p [...]

The Most Silly Game Ever

Don't Play, Belief Me! Don't Play, Belief Me! Don't Play, Belief [...]

Stapurio”s THE GAME v2

That's my first game. It's in portuguese. Thanks.use arrows to maneuve [...]

Pointless White Dot

A game a few pointless white dot. Threw it collectively inside 2 days, and I hop [...]

Tomato man

get previous the damaging objects and make it to the crimson pipe to flee to the [...]


Yeah my second game... kinda quickWASD to movespace to leap it's a little buggy

Button Breakfast

Push the buttons to make a scrumptious breakfast. The meals is drag and drop. Th [...]

Я горячий мексиканец 2. I am the hot ..

Ты горячий мексиканец? Аль пойдёшь ко мне на танец? Тыкни на кнопку и наслаждайс [...]

Wild west rescue

Contact Shooter. My 1st game uploaded to the Retailer!Faucet to shootTap arrows [...]

Simples Direction

Use Movememt - Proper Left Up Down Or You Participant MovememtYour Enemies You P [...]

Ergonomic Adventure!

On this instructional game, find out about ergonomics to defeat dangerous postur [...]

Tank Controls

Have you ever tried to create reasonable and on the identical time informal tank [...]

Dragon Fly

É um jogo onde vc precisa...Ah foda-se ,é flappy fowl porraClicaClicaC [...]

flap forever

flap your wings is a game of flappy chook gust that you've a airplane. I made ce [...]

Jogo Ruim E curto

E um Jogo Ruim e Tem Menos De 5 Minutos De DuraçãoSeu Objetivo e Sair [...]

Good Citizens

Be a great citizen and comply with the regulation. Cease within the inexperience [...]

fight away the tears

it is a little game that's a fight towards despair.this game was made with [...]

peeper dash

like flappybird however higher! simply with a peeper.don't get hit by the p [...]


teste do jogo BUILD YOUR SUCCESSmake the most of o contact para controlar o jogo

The Chef game

gather the actual meals and don't gather the bricks.keypad to manage motion [...]

My Tall Tower

Utilizing the blocks from the facet financial institution, make the tallest towe [...]

Flying Po Po

contact dimana saja dan lewai rintangan berupa pipa di suasana malam dan dengan [...]

Simple Artifical Neural Network Tool

Principally by giving 2 enter and a couple of output values you'll be able to se [...]

Little Rabbit

Venez contrôler un petit lapin rose.Flèches haut, bas, droite gauche.

Springen und sterben 2

es ist das fieseste spiel der weltDu spiesl mit A.S.D und leertaste.

A Day On The Island

A quick illustrated exploration game set on a small island.Motion keys or WASD t [...]

Tainy hat

baisikliey u hafe tu goh throo de popeso no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [...]

Slappy arrow

Is principally flappy fowl.Is principally flappy fowl.Is principally flappy fowl [...]

Let”s Approve

Goal customers are folks working in audio publish manufacturing, who would love [...]

Rainbow Cube

A tough platformer game. Needs to be enjoyable. Positively. Warning: Could induc [...]

Test Your Luck

Survive so long as you'll be able to whereas avoiding flying axes!Motion with th [...]

Multiplayer Sync

Sync animationsSync animation framesSync mirror stateSync SoundsSync anithing el [...]

Nave X Racer

Informal linear game to cross Information!Use the contact display for transfer t [...]

Raging Platforms2.0

Full this game by leaping from platform. Are you able to additionally discover t [...]

Time Rewind

You should buy this template right hereBuy this asset and make your superior gam [...]


Get again dwelling however don't contact the water and malfunction! Thanks! [...]

Perfect Level Editor

1. Permits the participant to create his personal stage/maps2. Save and cargo ra [...]

Laundry Sorting Sprint

Laundry was by no means enjoyable... till now.Double click on begin to begin. Dr [...]

The Best Soup EVER

Attempt to take advantage of delicous soup to impress the judges!Drag and drop e [...]

Cool colour and number teaching game

Click on the right solutions towards the time. Select your degree problem for mu [...]

Cool colour and number kid teaching game

This game will educate kids counting, arithmetic calculations and main and secon [...]

The Caverns

Mine and discover your means via mysterious environments to be able to destroy a [...]

Dave”s Challenge

"I hope you're excited for my problem!" -DaveW JumpA D MoveLeft M [...]