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High on Lyfe

Instructional game for youth offendersWASD - MoveMouse - Shoot & NavigateLef [...]


Hola!In ScientificJob, you're a scientific (in fact), in it, it's a must to craf [...]

Zen Tree – Random Tree Generator

Zen Tree is a Random Tree Generator which because it's title: generates pro [...]

SquareCle, Jump!

Hey! :DThis is my first game, it's principally a platformer the place you m [...]

Alex”s Unit 12

sdgsfgadfhadhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj [...]


it's a must to make the aircraft undergo the holesBTW it is a copy of flappy air [...]

Roulette Calculator

A easy calculator to search out your stability and winnings from every guess in [...]

Move in a Curved Manner

Move the blue dot in any path making certain you retain an equal distance from t [...]

Super Zadora


Dog Racing Betting

This can be a game of betting on canine racing.Have enjoyable with this game.To [...]

Maze Maker

Draw your individual vibrant mazes with ease[left click] - choose color and draw [...]

Chad”s Journey of the Chungus

Make your method as much as the moon to retrieve the Chungus crownUp arrow - Jum [...]


Jogo feito para o trabalho de Neurometria do 1º Ano "A".Estore as [...]


Minigame 5 NIghts at FreddysArrows to stroll its solely this severely

Infinite Roller

Get the best rating you possibly can on this tremendous enjoyable and easy game! [...]

Breakout Example

Exemplo de famoso de game no estilo breakout, divirta-se!Use keyboard to manage [...]

Physics Drap And Drop

You'll be able to ourchase this asset right here#Options:#- Drag and drop physic [...]

Precise Ball

Undergo 15 phases with tiny ball on wacky wanting roads. The ball should go rigo [...]


Auto drawing image of sin from math.Restart - to restart.Cease - to cease auto d [...]

Ecosystem Adventure

Your aim is to make it to the tip of the game by fixing science-related question [...]

Abstract Platformer Game

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [...]

Works Like Clockwork

Be aware: I don't personal the backgrounds on this game--I downloaded them off P [...]

Plank Drop

Develop a tree, and chop it when it will get to the proper peak to land onto the [...]


bounce from platform to platform with out falling off.additionally on the final [...]

The Dj Boy!

Um Simples jogo de plataforma meio melhorado, apenas chegue no remaining, matand [...]

geometry platform

try to beat many ranges and get a very good achievementleft and proper arrows to [...]

Carrot Cake

You're employed for a bakery. You bought a carrot cake combine, however it' [...]

Curl Pages for interactive book

It is a Demo for a template, not a game.Template for making an interactive book [...]

RP Connect

O jogo foi desenvolvido com o intuito de atrair e informar o público em ger [...]

Whack-A-Mole 2.0!

An up to date model of my fundamental whack-a-mole game, with a excessive rating [...]

15-Type Counter

Click on every button to make the corresponding textual content say the quantity [...]


A primary whack-a-mole game that I made for my apps for cellular units class! In [...]

Juego SuperDec

Videojuego educativo desarrollado en Assemble 2 que ayuda a reforzar el aprendiz [...]

Liquidator Droide Junior

Jogo para a Ludum Dare 44. Júlia Carvalho, Henrique Hidalgo, Arthur Oliveir [...]

Rock, Paper, Scissors!

It is a fundamental rock, paper, scissors game that I made for my Apps for Cell [...]

Pule cubo.

Esse é o meu primeiro jogo,Esse jogo tem como objetivo de pular e conseguir [...]

Tic Tac Toe Blackboard

With the Tic Tac Toe blackboard model, you'll play a cool math game. You've [...]

Cube Run

You will need to accumulate all three factors to undergo the subsequent stage.W [...]

Geografia Argentina

Aprender Geo Argentina - Es para un proyecto internet de aprendizaje. Se vincula [...]


You're a spider misplaced inside a home. Be careful for the inhabitants and [...]

Dot 2 Dot Maker Number

Make dot 2 dot with ease, features a vary of choices[left click] - create dot wi [...]

Digestion Game

It's a game concerning the digestion course ofIt's a game concerning the digesti [...]

Weapon Wheel

You open up the Weapon Wheel to work together with.Press L1Press JoystickPress D [...]

Harry Poter

leap on the platforms to get to Hogwartspress the correct arrow to go rightpress [...]

The Finger Circle Game

The Finger Circle Game! Socks so good they harm.fingercircle.com - Get your indi [...]

ERROR simulator :)


Word Game – template demo

You should purchase this template right hereLearn the questions and attempt to r [...]

Dot 2 Dot Maker

Make dot 2 dot with three completely different shapes to select from, and a vari [...]

Pixel Art Maker Custom

This newest model of Pixel Art Maker allows you to simply discover the colors yo [...]