Matematik Bilgi Oyunu

*DİKKAT !!!Ne yazık ki çarpım tablosu açılmamaktadır, aşağıdaki bağlan [...]

Function Quest 3 Beta test 1.2.0

Function Quest 3 é um jogo que busca explicar enjoyableção expone [...]

Ultimate NOOB

Okay so I've no expertise in game degree design or code, that is my very first u [...]

Matter Matters

Use your grey matter to resolve this Eight-direction game and get to the top of [...]

Using LayerAnge() to create Physics Maze

That is an instance utilization of LayerAnge() expression to create game mechani [...]

Terra vs bilus

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [...]


assist the canine to get in house! by controling him.the arrows management all m [...]

Zé doguinha

faça o cão entrar na casinha com as setas direcionaisup, down, left, r [...]

Trivia game

Trivia game is a few easy quiz game with completely 10 questions. The query is c [...]

UsH game

Us Historical past and Authorities GameMade by Estela JungEmphasized on the comp [...]

How to Make a Game

This game will present you the straightforward steps of constructing a game, and [...]

Very Simple Inventory

#Very Straightforward To Handle Inventory#Inventory in 20 Occasions. Inventories [...]

Daggling Toy Kid

this can be a game whereby you run by way of the radar avoiding the the destroye [...]

running toys

run across the body if you happen to hit the killer you dieproper arrow go to th [...]

Trump tower trouble!

Race to the highest on this motion packed, randomly generated game!The electrici [...]


a fast "game" made for a homework presentation made with a meme.Transf [...]


qualquer duvida enviar para CAMBETG PIROSQUETE3 B [...]

WV Zombie Attack

Gentle mannered WV Man is strolling via the previous strip mine, when Zombies al [...]

Great Depression – Organized Crime

A factor I made for historical past class on the Great Depression and it's [...]


Tutorial of Jigsawed for my E-Portfoliofillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfille [...]

Periyodik Kimya Oyunu

Copyright © 2018 G.G. All rights reserved/Tüm hakları saklıdır.W,A,S,D [...]

WheelOfFortune template

easy template about rotating wheel of fortune [...]

Fruit Snake

You're a hungry snake! Eat as many fruits as you possibly can, however watch out [...]

Paddle Battle

A ping pong game you possibly can play with a pal or alone in opposition to the [...]

Level UP RPG System

This template you should buy in scirra retailer [...]