Emma”s castle escape

escape from the dungeons and halls of a castle to the candy grass and shiny sola [...]

Proly Adventure 2

3jeouiwqheuqwhuewqhewquiehwqiuheuiwqheiuwqheiuqheiuqheiuhW A DSetasMouseBotã [...]

Pasha – food hanter

Nt,t ye;yj ghsufnm gj gkfnajhvfvб ghj[jlbnm xthtp ehjdyb xnj,s cnfnm dtkbrbv j[j [...]

The Fool Sorcerer

created by Thiago Yasue all rights reservedZSummon SpellAChange Spell on sorcere [...]


A lady is misplaced in a forest stuffed with darkness. Assist her to discover a [...]

Star finder

Seorang pahlawan petualang yang mencari bintang. Ketika dia menemukan bintang ma [...]

Space Hamster

attempt to save earth from aliens as a hamsteruse the up arrow to go upthe down [...]


a parkour game the place you dodge and hit enemies. the taking pictures is a bit [...]

Rage the game

get the alien to his planet and please strive to not rage.up arrow key to leap l [...]

jp-the WORLD

^=bounce >=proper <=leftqerutoyhkw^=bounce >=proper <=leftyetyeewwrt [...]

Lost In Dimensions: The Beginning (DEMO)

DEMO - Full game on Google Play StoreA little creature is transported to an unkn [...]

Run Bimboo Run

Run Bimboo Run is an HTML5 based mostly infinite game created utilizing Construc [...]


Ein 2D Mini-Journey GameDu bist ein Schattenläufer, der ein wichtiges Artef [...]


Remaining Game, make your manner throughout the cities amassing your misplaced o [...]

Motor Maniac

Gather the components to finish the extent and win the automotive! Play all thro [...]


Aide Arnot à trouver sa maison en utilisant les différentes coquilles [...]

Escape The Maniac Mansion

Assist Jasper Escape The Mansion! The Mansion is stuffed with unique flashing li [...]

Baldy”s adventures

Go on an journey with the our pal baldy! You must defend off the aliens which ha [...]

Santa Claus Adventure

this game was saving right here to launch on the web within the Christmas season [...]

Devourer Wind

Devourer Wind is an informal game the place the objective is to destroy numerous [...]

Tug of War Zombie Game

Zombies are doing a really thrilling Tug of War between one another. On this com [...]

found banana

o jogo é muito TOP baixe agora de graça e se devirta muito passando 2 [...]

Leroy”s Quest

Leroy's Quest v.1.0Leroy's Quest is a enjoyable 2D platformer made wit [...]

Fragile Floor – Demo

On this platform game, uncover the variety of golden stars to open the door and [...]

Baldi”s Plataform (Complete)

Tente Fugir dessa escola de novo !com o baldis te atrapalhando e obstáculos [...]


Max [e um alienigena explorador e pesquisador de galaxias. Em uma de suas viagen [...]

christmas game

all it's a must to do is get the three presents. arrow keys to maneuver, house t [...]

Mineirinho 2

MINEIRINHO 2! eae mna, esse jogo todo cagado foi feito por min, esse jogo fooi f [...]

Jogo do Erick

Jogo criado por Erick Lopes NunesSetas para os lados para se movimentar, seta pa [...]

Jogo do Ricardo

Jogo desenvolvido pelo Ricardo OgataSetas para os lados para andar, seta para ci [...]

Jogo do Avner

Jogo desenvolvido pelo aluno AvnerUse as setas para os lados para andar, seta pa [...]

Easy game for grandmas

Your a grandma and also you misplaced your knitting needles. Will you get them a [...]

Ray the Spider

Ray the Spider is a 2D platformer. Its a easy platformer. That is my first game [...]

Tatavo Adventure Demo


Boxy And Planky

The title of the game is to make you mad and belief me it does a very good job o [...]

Let”s Go Neko!

Easy platformer game for a game design class. Make it to the top of the extent t [...]

GameDesign Quest

Make your approach by means of the degrees on this platformer, Look out for the [...]


Se trata de un juego de plataformas de dos niveles, si el jugador elige la plata [...]

Facto Run

Prueba tu conocimiento matematico en este juego, para vencer monstruos y llegar [...]


Make it by way of a surreal underworld and determine the way you died. Carry lif [...]

A Palheta Perdida

A aventura de um homem que apos um apocalipse nuclear tem seu corpo fundido ao d [...]

Kiro Ramy Story The Junior Online

Welcome to KRSIJ OnlineThis game is a demo model for Scirra Arcade!It has:- Chap [...]

Caçada ao Tesouro

O jogo foi um projeto de aula com algumas partes eu coloquei mais montros e moed [...]

Alien Accident

You might be an alien who has suffered an accident and falls to Earth. With this [...]

Mini jogo

Jogo criado por Cristiano Dias MurakamiSetas para movimentação (andar [...]

Pichu Run

Pichu has to search out his brother . assist pichu keep away from the resident p [...]

Spooky Scary Adventure Time With Papryus

Within the game there are a number of ranges that each one use a novel format, h [...]

Horik Viking

Viking Platform Game JourneyProper arrow to run rightLeft arrow to run leftUp ar [...]

Dr Infernos Weihnachtsabenteuer

Weihnachten steht vor der Tür, doch oh nein der böse Doktor Schleimo h [...]