Best Clicker Games


nave espacial
clique com o mouse na tela para mover a naveo [...]
3 Plays
Bobo Kun
Quick however candy platformer the place you [...]
4 Plays


adventure of the E.T
Um pequeno alienígena vai desvendar os m [...]
3 Plays
Strong men  adventures
Sua base secreta foi descoberta pela policia, [...]
3 Plays


Perfect Piano
Faucet the piano tiles to the rhythm of the m [...]
32 Plays
Soccertastic World Cup 18
Swipe the soccer ball rapidly and attempt to [...]
65 Plays

Board Game

Bubble Woods
Pop bubbles within the magical forest and ear [...]
63 Plays
Jewel Aquarium
Match fish of the identical shade and attempt [...]
89 Plays


Halloween Solitaire
Play the traditional card game solitaire with [...]
91 Plays
Gamerzity Pocket Ball Pool
Gamerzity Pool is a well-liked eight ball poo [...]
92 Plays


Tina – Pop Star
Assist the gifted pop star Tina put together [...]
71 Plays
Tina – Detective
Assist personal detective Tina resolve a high [...]
86 Plays


Tower Defence
Your major goal is to guard the Princess by d [...]
94 Plays
Muay Thai 2
Muay Thai 2 is a Martial Arts Combating Game. [...]
109 Plays


SDFG1 Final Boss Battle DEMO
The boss battle for a game referred to as Tre [...]
14 Plays
mini stck fighter beta
gggggggggggggaaaaaammmmmmeeee and sssshhhooot [...]
24 Plays


Who Am I - WV. Play it to determine who your [...]
9 Plays
Call of War
Show your management abilities on this on-lin [...]
13 Plays


Find 07 Differences
Informal Game of discover seven variations fo [...]
3 Plays
Feudo Quiz
Um quiz sobre o feudalismo. Todas as pergunta [...]
8 Plays


Seqic  2.0 – Experimental Music Sequencer
Make unusual music with this sound toy.In the [...]
5 Plays
Bazil – An Interactive Audiovisual Installation
Bazil - An interactive audiovisual set up exp [...]
12 Plays


A wildwest shooter game. Shooot your opponent [...]
1 Plays
Space Invader
English: Defend your planet by destroying ene [...]
4 Plays


Football game
Football game with parabolic photographs.Foot [...]
10 Plays
Blaze Kick
Practice your free kick expertise on this bla [...]
14 Plays
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